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Our Journey

Fuelled by a common purpose, young entrepreneur Kanika Tekriwal, with co-founder Sudheer Perla, launched JetSetGo in 2012. The idea was to create India’s first transparent marketplace for private aviation - both executive jets and helicopters. Using new software solutions developed in-house, the company created a buzz in the industry, and the young idealistic founders created waves with their disruptive approach. It soon became apparent that the problem was the fleet of available private jets in India was just too small to supply the thriving marketplace they sought to create. With the costs and complexities of aircraft importation and ownership proving a major barrier to expanding India’s private jet fleet, JetSetGo added a new dimension to the business: fleet operations.

Now one of the largest NSOP operators of private jets, mostly on state-of-art aircraft management and maintenance contracts, JetSetGo leads the growth of sophisticated private aviation solutions, from aircraft ownership and management to charter services and Membership programs for frequent flyers. Today the company is turning its attention to future advanced air mobility solutions using the next generation of electric and vertical take-off air taxis, JetSetGo continues to innovate and push the boundaries with the same energy and determination that propelled its visionary founders in 2012.

  1. Founded by Kanika Tekriwal and Sudheer Perla


  2. 2016

    2016 JetSetGo achieves profitability

  3. Partnered with Boeing Horizon X to launch Sky Shuttle


  4. 2020

    JetSetGo responds to Covid Emergency with JetSetRescue flights

  5. JetSet Learn Academy launched to train pilots and crew in-house


  6. 2023

    JetSetGo launches unique Membership program


Our Vision

The vision is to bring efficiency and transparency into an otherwise opaque charter service industry. To make on-demand aviation and air mobility the driver of success for India’s growth providers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and jet setters.

Our Mission

To embrace and utilise innovation, technology and smart business models to create the air mobility solutions required to ensure India’s on-demand and private aviation sector achieves its full potential as growth driver for India’s economy and regions, reaching where others can’t.


Taking you the extra mile

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal

Founder & Chief Executive

Kanika Tekriwal has more than a decade of experience in the aviation industry. She reshaped JetSetGo from a technology-driven marketplace to a leading asset management firm, defying industry bias along the way. Kanika is a woman who believes in adapting and modifying her plans rather than giving up, but never losing sight of the vision. For Kanika Tekriwal that’s the definition of striking the right balance – work to be content and happy at the end of the day.

Sudheer Perla

Sudheer Perla


Sudheer Perla an Oxford Graduate and chartered accountant by profession, dons several executive hats. He co-piloted JetSetGo’s journey with Kanika, helping it soar to become India’s largest private aviation company. A practicing yogi and dancer, Sudheer balances his entrepreneurial business life with meditation, traveling to off-beat places, and volunteering at sustainability hub Auroville.

Executive Team


Jonathan Sumner


Akshat Aggarwal

Akshat Aggarwal


Arijit moulik

Arijit Moulik

Sr. VP Commercial

Abhishek kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Accountable Manager