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Most private flyers don’t need a whole aircraft. Generally speaking, for customers flying 300 hours or more a year, some form of aircraft ownership, lease or management program makes sense. For less than 25 flight hours a year chartering on an ad hoc basis makes the most sense.

For those occasional flyers JetSetGo charters an aircraft from our own fleet or from the wider charter market. For more frequent flyers JetSetGo has created a flexible, tailored solution that provides a flight plan to cover predetermined annual travel requirements.

JetSetGo Membership programs offers excellent value for money, with a preassigned block of flight hours matched to your forecast travel frequency, and a service guarantee on aircraft access that delivers all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the capital cost and long-term commitment.

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JetSetGo Membership has been designed to be very flexible and responsive to your individual needs. Simply determine the number of annual flight hours you need, and we’ll create a bespoke membership program and flight plan, balancing cost and convenience for the optimal solution.


Choose the number of annual flight hours you require. Only commit to the flight time you need, chocks off to chocks on, in a personalised flight program


Choose an all-inclusive Membership tier or build-your-own program at preferential rates. Fix your costs in advance and avoid unexpected charges or simply secure a preferential rate


Gain preferential access to our fleet without the hassle of negotiating market rates. Benefit from transparent pricing and service guarantees that maximise aircraft availability


Fly relaxed in a
personalised flight experience as a priority JetSetGo customer. Travel with peace of mind and experience the benefits of aircraft ownership without the cost

To discuss how we can build a customised membership program to meet your flight needs, contact our Membership sales team for a personal consultation. Simply give us a call or complete the enquiry form below.

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