Advanced Air Mobility

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Advanced Air Mobility

Advanced Air Mobility is a new concept in aviation utilising new technologies and aircraft designs to create an air taxi system for short and very short-haul air travel between and within urban environments.

The catalysts for this promised revolution in air travel are threefold:

  • New powertrain technology using hybrid-electric or fully electric (battery) power
  • New developments in vertical take-off lift propulsion systems
  • A new breed of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM’s) designing new aircraft Electric Vertical take-off and Landing Aircrafts (eVTOL) to utilise these new technologies for short-haul and urban air travel Source: SMG Consulting

The Urban Air Taxi

Experience the boldest vision for the future of transportation with JetSetGo's cutting-edge fleet of eVTOL aircraft. Our commitment to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) transforms the way you travel within cities, addressing the challenges of congestion and ground-based transport delays.
This concept envisions the employment of fleets of eVTOL air taxis connecting key nodal points and Vertiports in both public and private (corporate) locations to overcome the challenges of travelling across cities with high levels of congestion and travel delays in ground-based transport systems. Most evangelists for this concept, and many leaders amongst the new OEMs, promise a ‘democratisation’ of air mobility within the urban environment, that will provide easily accessible and frequent services, and, crucially, at a very affordable price. In addition, with the employment of electric-powered aircraft, these services will be virtually emissions-free.

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