Aircraft Sourcing & Sales

Taking you the extra mile

Precision Sourcing, Effortless Sales

JetSetGo's experienced in-house procurement team simplifies aircraft sourcing and sales. Our grasp of aviation landscapes, available aircraft, and market trends, alongside a vast network of advisers and sellers, delivers cost-effective, timely solutions meeting your needs with the best available options.

Confidentiality is our commitment—we ensure discreet and successful aircraft transactions while acting as your representative at every transaction stage.

Our Deliverables

  • Customized market research specific to needs, offering a competitive edge in sourcing and sales.
  • Effective solutions for aircraft sellers ensure visibility to potential buyers, backed by JetSetGo's team support throughout the marketing and sales process.
  • Guaranteed seamless, time-bound processes from initial planning to the final aircraft purchase. This involves:
      - Conducting a global search
      - Identifying all available options that suit the requirements
      - Managing pre-purchase inspections and reports
      - Conducting price negotiations
      - Handling all aspects of aircraft importation
      - Overseeing operations once aircraft is in service

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